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Elena J Douglas, J. L. Evans, and Amber Gilchrist

                                                                Elena J Douglas

 I've found my voice with Paranormal Romance because I'm obsessed with romance and what ifs. 

Of the life lessons I've learned while growing up on a farm, the most important to me was respect.  I learned to respect a lot of things: hard work, rest, peace and quiet, family bonds, and especially electric fences.  Over time, I learned to respect everything around me through written words.  Finding beauty in the simplest of gestures was a talent I strived to master.

Now, with the support of my husband and three children; I'm driven to follow this literary dream to its extent.

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                                                                J.L. EVANS

I am a writer. I am a writer. I am a writer. I imagine if I say (or type) that enough times I will start to believe it.

My name Is Jennifer and I am an as-yet unpublished author of contemporary romance and whatever direction my mental wanderlust takes me toward next. This plan has led me in many directions: fantasy, epic historical fiction, blistering social commentary, insightful personal reflection, etc. None have ever captivated me as a reader or as a writer to the degree that romance does.

Ever since I was a child I have been plotting and planning fantastical happenings in my head. I would imagine smart, strong, handsome men coming and plucking me out of my misery to some far-off locale where all of our needs were met and our problems were solved by ‘smoldering glances’ and ‘shivers of awareness’. I dreamed up interesting people to meet. I gave them tragic backstories full of trial and tribulation. I crafted intriguing situations for my imaginary friends, where their confrontations would divulge just the right amount of inner turmoil to give the audience a reason to be sympathetic. But, in the end, the armor on the knight was always shining even though the damsel was rarely ever in true distress.

I probably fell in love a thousand times before I was old enough to drive.

Finally, at the risk of permanently taking residence in my local asylum, I started writing the happenings down. In the time between then and when I started admitting my penchant for the world of fantasy, I became a history teacher. At this moment, I can honestly say that I love what I do and I would never trade it, even for a mountain of chocolate. I feel humbled and blessed because I have been given the opportunity to do two things that I love deeply and that will fulfill me for the rest of my life.

Now, if only I could find one of those Prince Charmings…

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Hi there. I’m Amber, I’m a wife and mother and a writer of Young Adult fiction. I grew up all over the world but I went to high school in Denver, Colorado so it still holds a special place in my heart. Now I live outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico with my husband Mike and our three kids, a boy and two girls.

My books are about girls who have a story to tell. Not always, but often, those stories are about boys. I love strong, intense heroes and I love powerful, intelligent heroines capable of putting them in their place.

I was not super popular as a teenager but I wasn’t unpopular either. I was kind of anti-social. I wore a lot of black, I didn’t go to school assemblies and I cut a lot of class. No vampires ever fell in love with me. I had a crush on the same guy all four years of high school but he never liked me back. Talk about pointless and unrequited. He wasn’t even that cool. He was valedictorian. Now he has a PhD in something odd like environmental finances or some crap.

I was a theater girl, full of angst and so very you all would now call emo. I drank a lot of coffee, stayed up too late all the time and wore too much black eyeliner. I was an editor of my school paper and ran track until I got kicked off the team because my grades sucked. But you can rest assured that I remember being a teenager more intensely than any other one part of my life.
My childhood and teenagerhood weren’t so great at home. So I relied a lot on books. I read a lot and I wrote a lot. And I learned that even when I didn’t go to class, school was the center of my universe. My friends were there and they became the tight knit, loving family that I didn’t have at home. I learned that the family we’re born to isn’t always the most important one, but the family we make.

So settle in and I hope you’ll come to consider yourself a part of my family.

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