Thursday, December 15, 2011

How important are sensory details? Part 3....TASTE cont'd

Sensory details can make the difference between reading a story and experiencing it. Using the correct identifier for descriptions, can make words burst off the pages.

This post is divided into five parts, allowing each of the senses to take center stage.
In my humble opinion, the key to using the below listed words, is to use them in a way in which you do NOT describe their anticipated counterpart.


abrasive, airy
bubbly, bumpy
chalky, chewy, chunky, cold, cool, cottony, creamy, crispy, crunchy, curdled
delicate, dusty, dry
fizzy, fluffy
gooey, grainy, gritty, greasy
harsh, heavy, hot
jelly, juicy
light, liquid
moist, mousse, mushy
pointed, powdery, prickly, pulpy
rich, rigid, rough
silky, slimy, smooth, soft, sticky
tender, textured, thick

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