Sunday, November 13, 2011

How important are sensory details? Part 2...SMELL


While descriptions of any kind will most likely be a phrase, below is a list of some of the most distinct and relatable one word scents/smells I can think of:
-acid, aloe, ammonia, apple,
-banana, basil, bleach, blueberry, bubble gum, butterscotch, butter
-caramel, cheesecake, cherry, chocolate, cinnamon, citronella, citrus, coconut, coffee, copper, cranberry, cucumber
-detergent, dill, dusty
-earthy, eucalyptus
-feet, fishy, floral, flour
-garlic, gasoline, ginger, glue, grapefruit, grease
-hemp, hickory, honey, honeysuckle, hot
-jalapeƱo, jasmine
-lavender, leather, lemon, licorice, lilac, lime, linen
-maple, medicinal, metallic, mildew, molasses, moldy, musky, musty
-odorless, oil, onion, orange, oregano, orchid
-papaya, parsley, peachy, pepper, peppermint, perspiration, pine, pineapple, perfume, plastic, pomegranate, potpurri, pumpkin
-raspberry, rope, rose, rosemary, rubber
-sage, salty, savory, sewage, skunk, smoky, soapy, sour, stale, sweet
-tobacco, tar, thyme, tomato
-vanilla, varnish, vinegar
-watermelon, wax, wheat, wood

*The following words can change the whole concept of a scent by putting it in front of the smell:
 burnt (anything), rotted (anything)

*The following link has generalized descriptions of how to describe some of the above words:
*The following link is for a company I am not familiar with, but the descriptions of fragrances are great:

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